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Team Mechanic 1.2

Our first digital product at EWS is the Team Mechanic 1.2 - a tool that profiles leaders and teams based on their personality, occupational preferences and values. By using it and combining the results with relevant consulting and insights, we are ready to conduct a 360° personnel analysis and help competitive companies in the professional services industries to develop and grow.

Continous development

Improving Recruitment

The Issue

The recruiting industry takes too much time to find good people, and does not consider all relevant aspects during the selection process. So, it is hard to accurately understand how candidates may fit into a job and organization.

Our Solution

We have designed a digitialized recruiting process that only includes what matters most. This is how we cut down the time spent searching for a great hire while simultaneously making sure that relevant objective data is used.

Our Mission

We help companies understand their team and cut their lead time and turnover rates using thoroughly researched tests. Thus, we ai to find the new generation of leaders and change how professionals are recruited in Romania.

Our Brand

As a creator brand, we aim to be visionaries and non-conformists of the wokforce consulting industry in Romania. As a lover brand, we aim to nurture relationships with our applicants and our clients. We create as much as we love.