What we do


We understand your motivation and experience


We determine your personality and  occupational preferences


We match your personality and skills with a relevant job


We send you the results and interpretation for future development


The EWS Assessment

Personality Traits

This section is based on the OCEAN (Big 5) test and assesses general characteristics that you may display in your life. The aim is to determine to what extent you will fit the specific position you applied for, and how you may integrate with the already existing team on a larger scale.

Occupational Preferences

This section is crucial for a well-structured selection process because it assesses if your working preferences fit the types of jobs you apply for. By understanding what you are looking for and what suits you, and to what extent those specifications are met by a specific job, the assessment can validate if you would be satisfied at a potential job.


Workplace Values

In the last part of the assessment, the values that are most important for you in a work setting are considered. By checking if the values you consider relevant are what an organization promotes, the assessment can determine to what extent you may fit the general macro climate.

Please input the code you received and take the personality and occupational preferences test here. By completing the test you agree for us to share you results with your (potential) employer and store them in our database.